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Maywei Inc. manages the wireless supply chain through rigorous forecasting, product mix optimization and order fulfillment, with ongoing performance reviews and business reporting. Our expertise in sales forecasting and aligning stock levels to predict demand helps achieve accurate order forecasting and optimal inventory management. By planning and purchasing around your supply model, we generate order fulfillments that delivery the right device at the right time.



Maywei Inc. markets devices by forecasting demand and accessing sales channels. We help you every step of the way through procurement of the optimal product mix with maximized reach in multiple sales channels to accelerate and protect customer revenue. Maywei Inc. delivers devices when and where they need to be by storing, optimizing freight logistics and providing supply chain support at every level.



Maywei Inc. helps you extract the most value from recovered devices  through a secure system that facilitates repair, recycling and device re-selling. Maywei is committed to making the customer experience simple and convenient. Our dedicated sales professionals will manage the process from beginning to end and ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Maywei Inc. is dedicated to extracting the maximum value from irreparable devices through a variety of industry-leading methods.

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