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A company built around adding value to the entire wireless device lifecycle.

​Maywei's primary businesses are related to global business to business trading, highly specialized in the wireless industry with a strong logistic advantage. Our team of highly experienced professionals coordinates the communications for products specifications, quality verification, sample fabrication, the purchase and delivery of goods that you need. Communication and relationships are the key to successful product sourcing and Maywei has the resources to make it happen.

The rapid pace of innovation in the wireless space, with the continual introduction of new features and technologies, has reduced the average smartphone lifespan to just 18 months. Shortening product lifecycles, increasing device subsidies, and market pricing pressures have all combined to drive network operators and retailers to look for carrier-grade trade-in programs that capture new margin opportunities.

Through our expertise, Maywei Wireless has develop programs that not only recapture the residual value of used wireless devices, but also drive new product sales and retain customer loyalty. Maywei Wireless implement programs that collect and resell wireless devices to profitably extend their economic and product lifecycle. For products that can no longer be profitably repurposed, we implement programs that provides for environmentally sustainable recycling and disposal.

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